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Splash Guard is the FIRST ever water splash eliminating product that can fit into your toilet bowl and stop water splash back both for your daily poop and pee.

Finally it is a reality, your splashguard is not far from you..

A revolutionary design that fits and works in your toilet!

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You are not alone!

Nobody likes water splash in toilet, Time to stop unwanted water splash back in toilets for good.

Don’t let anything ruin!

Best enjoyable toilet experience, just sit and let everything go don’t even think about water splashing back to your bum.

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Silent Pee Without Splash

Not only for number #2 but also peeing both for sitting lady or standing man, we made the most silent and splash protected pee possible!

Your Health Matters the Most

Anything that brings bacteria can cause a number of diseases, protect yourself from dirty water with Splash-Guard.

Build To Save That Toilet Paper!

Use the paper with it is own purpose only, the layer on the water you may have been making with paper costs you. Save the trees, your toilet paper bill and risk of getting a plumber.

Clients Thoughts

Georgi B. Read More
I wanted to give it a try, it did work perfect, did not get any splashback since then
Aria M. Read More
It does clean itself with each flush stays strong when I scrub it with the brush.
Rick V. Read More
We live Minnesota the water in our toilet bowl is cold I am glad that it actually works, definitely will get more for our downstairs toilet as well.
Anne B. Read More
I have been always looking for something like this, finally got the right product. As a women that toilet water splash could be the dirtiest feeling ever…

Clean Surface All Time

After each use, we made sure that your Splash Guard will look the same and clean as first day you get We used special nano-technology coating which will keep the surface dry and clean for 6 months guaranteed. Nothing will stick, stand or splash.

Antimicrobial Recyclable Material

We picked the best combination of material to make sure it will be %100 bacteria-free and %100 recyclable for our environment.

Get Your SplashGuard for 34.99$ only!!


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